Welcome to the JUSTINA SAGA website. The first book, Justina: Daughter of Spartacus came out in 2017. Since then, a new book continuing the saga has been released each year. Ebooks and Paperbacks are sold exclusively on Amazon. We also have our first book available on AudioBooks as well.

Since we released in 2017, our books have seen a Top 10 Ranking in one or more of Amazon's Sub Categories. We are sold worldwide and have purchases from Australia, Mexico, Brazil, all over the UK, Canada, and of course, USA. Our 6th book, Justina: Gladiator is now available. We invite you to check out our website for everything Justina, and join our Fan Club for exclusives and details on new books.

EXCLUSIVELY ON AMAZON: The Justina Saga including: Daughter of Spartacus, Rebels of Rome Part 1, Rebels of Rome Part 2, Rise of Caesar, Gladiator, and Chronicles of Cato.