Justina creator Ryan Lew with Spartacus, Liam McIntyre

The Justina Saga takes us back to Rome to discover what the great rebel leader Spartacus started, did not end with his death. In the first book of the saga, Ryan introduces us to Justina’s adoptive family, while also reintroducing the characters Caesar and Pompey. In this book, Justina will come to the realization that her roots differ from what she had been told her entire life, and that realization will set her on a path that will test her very core. In the second book, REBELS OF ROME PART ONE, continue on as Justina begins to grow as a woman and as a leader. If you are a fan of Ancient Rome or Roman Politics; if you love the tales of great leaders like Caesar and Spartacus; or if you just like a great story about a young woman who will become a great warrior… this series is for you.

Ryan Lew has been a fan of both historical and science fiction since he first saw Star Wars in his youth. In fact, Star Wars had such an impact upon him that he remains a huge fan of the saga to this very day. While Ryan’s influences include both movies and television in these genres, none have had more impact than the Starz original series Spartacus. It was that influence that started Ryan’s writing career and this, his first and now, second books. Although most people are familiar with Spartacus and Caesar, Ryan wondered what would happen if he could link those two historical characters together by a common bond, and Justina, Daughter of Spartacus, was born.